How to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift.

How to Pick a Thoughtful Christmas Gift | Four Essential Elements to Gift Giving

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How to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift instead of giving a gift that falls flat and collects dust in the attic.



I don’t know about you, but Christmas songs and jingles are running through my mind these days! Snow covers the ground with a sheet of glittering diamonds and the wind bites on all the noses and fingers left unprotected. Christmas is around the corner!


So with family gatherings and parties on the horizon presents are on our minds. But believe me, uncle Fred doesn’t need another nick-nac that will sit in it’s box in the closet collecting dust just waiting for a garage-sale in the spring. Let’s be intentional and get our loved ones something that will really touch them. Let’s see how to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift.



Four Essential Elements for How to Pick a Thoughtful Christmas Gift


Before even thinking about buying anything, there are four essential elements you need to know when you’re trying to figure out how to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift. Every person is unique and will find different things special and meaningful so taking their individual personality and circumstance into consideration is key.


The four essential elements you need to consider are their:


  1. Strengths
  2. Interests
  3. Goals
  4. Needs


Unless your gift lines up with the person’s strengths, interests, goals, or needs, it won’t be special or meaningful to them. For example, you’d never give a round of bullets to a vegan who doesn’t believe in hunting. That gift just wouldn’t line up to that person’s interests!



1. Focus on Strengths


First, let’s think about the person’s strengths. What are they really good at? What is something they take pride in doing well? If you see a certain strength in someone, then a thoughtful gift could be something that would help them do that even better.


Is your dad a BBQ master? Maybe he’d love a special grilling tool kit, or some luxury BBQ sauces. Is your girl friend really good at organizing? Maybe she’d appreciate a stylish chalkboard/bulletin board to write out all her to-do lists, shopping lists, family birthdays, etc. Focusing on a person’s strengths and finding them something to really encourage or support that strength? Now THAT is how to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift!



2. Focus on Interests


Second, you can look at a person’s interests. These could be hobbies: things they like to do, research, talk about, and dream about.


If someone has an interest in art they may appreciate a painting or wall hanging for their home, some art supplies for their own art making, or even tickets to visit an art gallery. Your person may enjoy spending quality time with you more than any “gift”, so planning a little outing doing something they’re interested in would be extra special!



3. Focus on Goals


Thirdly, think about what kinds of goals your person has. How to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift could be as simple as helping them reach a goal they’ve been working on. Do they have a goal to lose weight? Then it’s probably not a good idea to buy them chocolates (as much as they may LOVE sweets!!). Maybe they have a goal to learn how to cook gourmet. A simple gourmet cookbook may be just their thing! Do they have a goal to learn a language? Find them some books, magazines, or movies in that language.


This kind of gift is meaningful on many different levels. Not only are you effectively helping them get where they want to go, but you’re also really building that relationship because they know you truly care about them and the things they’re trying to accomplish. Then, when they accomplish that goal, you two will be celebrating and enjoying the win much more together than if you had never helped with your thoughtful gift.



4. Focus on their Needs


Finally, considering a person’s needs can help you know how to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift. Have you heard them mention something like, “Oh it would be nice to have ____.” or “I would love to go do ______, or go see ______.” Gift cards could be a simple yet appreciated gift for this one. There are gift cards for clothes, kitchen ware, home improvement stuff, and almost anything else. Just remember that if you’re giving a gift card, add a little something personal for that special touch.


Perhaps your gift would be more meaningful if you gave your time. Do you see that your brother and his wife are really busy and stressed out? Maybe they need a reservation at a nice restaurant and a sleepover for the kids at your place. You’ll have a great time building some auntie connection and the lucky couple will get a much needed date night!



Final Thoughts


If you keep these four elements on how to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift in mind this Christmas season, I’m sure that whoever receives your gift will be thoroughly blessed! They’ll get something that’s meaningful to them, and you won’t have to stress over Christmas shopping.


That’s right. No more wondering if you’ll get the right gift or not. You can hardly go wrong!


Seriously, I know it would have been helpful for MY Christmas shopping if I’d written this post two weeks ago! I’m really excited to give the gifts I’m giving, but it would have been way easier to brainstorm ideas if I’d had these four essential elements all thought out and written down like they are here. And now you have the secret!


In the end, if you focus on a person’s strengths, interests, goals, and needs, when thinking of what gifts to give, you will really touch that person receiving the gift.


Show your love this season with the thoughtful gifts you give.


God bless and merry Christmas!



How to pick a thoughtful Christmas gift.

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  1. Dead on! That is normally how I shop, and so giving a gift is always just as exciting for me as getting one. But this year… I lost focus of this and now I’m not half as excited about giving my gift away!

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