Why children need discipline. Picture of three young girls in colourful aprons and chef hats standing behind a table to baked goods, with hands on their hips and a smirk on their face.

Why Children Need Discipline

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In a world where children run wild and teens are entitled brats, is discipline being overlooked?


There are few topics that are so misunderstood today as the topic of discipline. A slap on the hand can be called out as abuse and frazzled parents run around trying to reign in their wild and disobedient children. It’s not a pretty picture. But hope is not lost! It IS possible to have the well behaved, kind, and responsible children you wish to have, and the key component you may be missing is this little thing called discipline.


Discipline is a method of training a person to exhibit certain behaviors, or follow certain rules, using punishment to correct disobedience. Herein lies a big problem for some people. Punishment sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? I mean, come on! A child is just a child! They need love, tenderness, and grace, not harsh rules and punishments to bind them up and put them down! Love and freedom is the way to train up kind and responsible citizens, right?!


Well…. not exactly.


While it is true that children need to be showered with love, affection, grace, and have the freedom to express themselves, they also need structure.


Take the tomato plant as an example.


Tomato plants have the potential to produce amazing, juicy, delicious tomatoes. It’s awesome! But only when they’re taken care of properly. So we put a cage around our tomatoes. Not to lock it up and hold it back, but to give it structure: a solid frame and foundation on which it can grow tall and strong. We also prune our tomatoes. Not to hurt it and cut it down, but to remove the things that could cause disease and take away from the production of that delicious, rich, life-giving fruit that we desire.


However, when a tomato plant doesn’t have a cage — that support on which to grow upon — it will not have the strength to hold itself up, thus falling over into the dirt. When any fruit begins to grow, because it’s lying on the ground, it will rot and won’t be able to ripen into the fullness in which is was designed to. And if there is no pruning, then the energies of the plant are divided and shoots that are dead, dying, and produce nothing are grown rather than the shoots that will produce the good fruit that we’re after.



Tomatoes ripening on the vine, tied to a post for support.


So just like the tomato plant, a child needs structure and stability on which it can stand strong and grow, as well as pruning, to cut away all the junk that will produce uselessness and even death.


That is why children need discipline.


You as the parent are responsible to groom your children into the honourable, respectful, team players that you want them to be. I know you love your children and that you want the absolute best for them, so take a deep breath and let this sink in.


You are the only one who can make that tomato plant grow beautiful, abundant, life-giving fruit. 


So the next time you look into your little one’s adoring eyes, as they look on you, their hero, their comfort, their security and hope, think of the fruit they will produce.


If you truly love them, you will discipline them. You will provide the structure and strong support they need to grow and rise above the dirt and muck of life. And you’ll cut off those things in them that would grow into fruitless branches, or spread disease and corruption throughout the whole.


You can do this mama. You were designed and put together with all the parts necessary to raise your children and God gave them to you for a reason. He knew that you were the only one capable of raising those little ones, and He knew you were the best qualified for the job. You can totally do this.


True love is showing discipline, and drawing up your children from the muck they’re in.


You will raise up your children to be the most loving, respectful, diligent, and happy kids you could ever imagine. I know this because God has called you to it.


I believe in you mama.


God bless


Why children need discipline. Picture of three young girls in colourful aprons and chef hats standing behind a table to baked goods, with hands on their hips and a smirk on their face.


And if you need more help in this area, check out Grooming the Next Generation for Success.  It’s a book that will teach you exactly what to say and how to groom your children into the adults you want them to be. It’s never to late to set your children up for success. So check it out!!


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