8 strategies to achieve your goals

Goals with Passion – 8 Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

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I have a question for you. Have you ever come to that point of inspiration where you decide to do something great, change your life, and become a better person? After you had the idea, did you make a goal to achieve that thing? Did you spend a couple days working really hard on it? But wait, something started coming up during your day and you weren’t able to work on the goal, right? Eventually in all the business, were you pushing your goal away and forgetting about your dream? Maybe you even gave up on the goal a month later. Did you even last a month?

Oh boy, do I know how that is. You start off so inspired, you make a bunch of goals, but then life sets in and it’s harder to achieve than you thought it would be. Sooner or later the inspiration is lost and you let go of that dream of success. Hello! New Years resolutions?

Today we’re going to tackle that exact issue. How do we make dreams a reality? How do we make our goals come to pass? Well here are 8 strategies to achieve your goals and finally get you where you want to go.


1.   Make some goals!

If you don’t know what your goal is, then there’s no way you can achieve it! You need something big to inspire you every day! You need something worthy of going after! And don’t just think about it, but write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Have it on your bed side table and read it in the morning when you get up, and at night when you go to sleep. Post it on your bathroom mirror, or on the inside of a cabinet door. Somewhere where you can see it and remember it! Why? Because unless you have a destination set, you won’t be going anywhere!

2.  Take personal responsibility

This is so important. The truth is, you are the only one who controls your actions and unless you own it, you can’t change it. Yes, life has its curve balls, but you decide how you will react and how you will move forward. You just need to know that it’s up to you to make a change and achieve your goals. And you can!

3.   Make bite size pieces for you to step forward

It may seem daunting to look at this huge goal of yours. It may look impossible. However, it’s not! Every journey starts with a single step and so that’s what we need to do too. Break down your goal into little tasks that you can do today. Little steps like this will get you very far in the long run! If it’s getting fit, commit to 10 or 20 minutes a day. If it’s organizing your house, maybe start with that pile of papers on the end of the table. Just start with one little task and then move forward.

4.   Make a Simple Plan to Follow

Once you’ve broken down your goal into little pieces, it’s time to put those pieces in order. Think of how you will order your steps in the right direction. What is your strategy? Put your steps in a sensible order and  then make sure you write it down! If you don’t write it down then you’ll most likely forget, and when you forget, then you’ll stop working towards your goal in a proactive way, making it harder, or impossible, to achieve.

5. Roll Models and Inspiration

What is more inspiring than to hear a story about someone who’s done something great, or overcame some big challenge, especially when all odds were against them? Not much if you ask me! We all need encouragement and we all need inspiration, so look for someone who’s already achieved what you want to achieve. You could find your inspiration from other social media, blogs, maybe another woman from your church or community, an older woman in the seniors home, wherever! Just go find someone to inspire you!

6. Get Involved in a Group

I’m sure you know that it’s hard to stick to your goals, or work towards a dream, when no one around you sees the value in what you’re doing, or no one around you is working on those things. It can be very discouraging if the people around you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and maybe think you’re crazy for doing it. That is why you need to find people of a like mind. There may be a ladies group in your area to join. There may be an online community that would get behind you. Either way, if you don’t have anyone around you to encourage you and keep you accountable, it will be harder for you to stick to your goal.

Some places I would recommend for encouragement in this line are:

http://setapartmotherhood.com/    – About bringing Christ into the center of your mothering.

http://aboverubies.org/    – Encouraging women in their high calling as a wife, mother, and homemaker.

https://nogreaterjoy.org/    – Practical, Biblical child training articles, as well as insight into a harmonious marriage, and fulfilling family life.

7. Stay Engaged!

This one is suuuuuuper important! You need to keep that goal in the forefront of your mind. Talk about it! Dream about it! Don’t let yourself forget! Just imagine what it’s going to feel like once you achieve your goal. Imagine how it will look! Be excited! 

8. Know that there will be a time you want to quit

The start of every journey looks exciting, but at some point you will be challenged on the road. You’ll feel like you’re at the end. You’ll feel like there’s no point in even trying anymore, and nothing is working. Don’t give up! Seriously! Don’t. Give. Up. I’ve been there many times. I’ve had the inner battles. I’ve been swamped in a flood of “to-do’s” that I could not get on top of. But you know what? It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Sometimes you just need to give yourself some time to simmer down and let the emotions drain. There really is a brighter sky on the other side. You just need to get through those hard moments, refocus, and keep going.

Now you’ve been given these 8 powerful strategies you need to achieve your goals! I know it may seem boring or unnecessary to go through all these steps, but seriously, just do it! These are the things that I use to achieve my own goals. Sure it may not look so organized when you put it into your real life, but if you use these strategies, you’ll empower yourself to move towards your goal every day! If I can do it, then you can too!

Now go for it!


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